…let alone end, but I’m gonna try and make it worth your while. What follows is my new favorite song from America’s sweetheart, a light-hearted romp down memory lane, a thoroughly delightful rendition of a timeless classic, full of energy and life. Ooh, and it’s saucy (um, she’s saucy!). And it’s perfect. For me to poop on. Yes, it’s Celine Dion covering AC/DC’s You shook me all night long:

In the interest of full-disclosure, I actually did listen to the video in its entirety, but could not watch it all (I turned away the moment I saw the silhouetted air guitar solo at the very beginning). Nonetheless, I offer it as a gift to you on this Christmas Eve. And while we’re at it, let’s all dare to dream that more of her contemporaries to go diggin’ in the crates (DITC!) for even more painful classic rock anthems to butcher.

At any rate, this reminds me of a song I actually do like, in spite of liking neither song to begin with… ‘You humped me all night long’:

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Before the end of the year, I have two much longer posts on music that I’d like to share. But today was a day of much needed rest and relaxation. Ran some errands, stocked up the fridge, opened some gifts, avoided the mess caused by four plus weeks of nonstop work and a quick trip back home. Much to do, as always, but doing stuff is fun again (I’ve been really inspired as of late). Can’t wait to get back to it tomorrow…

More soon.