Charles Alexander was married for 69 years, but lost his wife just four weeks ago. Ever since then, he’s poured his heart and soul into volunteering for Barack Obama (via debha):

I can’t watch this without crying, but I am more hopeful than ever that Obama can truly bring about the change we so desperately need in America. Yes, change has become a catchall phrase in this election, but look into Charles Alexander’s eyes to see what it really means — it has nothing to do with him, and everything to do with making the world a better place for his grandkids and great grandkids. That’s a life worth living and a love worth sharing.

btw, music takes a back seat to politics on tankt today, but will resume with another Song of the Day tomorrow.

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  1. On Nov 3, 08, peoplepowergranny said:

    Here Barack Obama is reaching the epitome of his career, and his mother, father and grandparents in the USA aren't able to share his joy with him! Have you ever experienced this feeling of loosing so many of your elders and having now only your wife and children to share your sorrows and joys? Do you think he has a chance to really grieve during this time? Vote in my poll at

  2. On Nov 4, 08, Song of the Day: Nightmares on Wax’s “Damn” | tankt said:

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