Let me first say, I absolutely love Bibio’s Warp debut, Ambivalence Avenue. “Lovers’ Carvings” was an instant favorite, guaranteed to light up even the gloomiest day, a trick Abby used more than once when we never listened to anything else in the car. “dwrcan” came to be the brightest one of all, a song that sounds like several well-known epic anthems, Boards of Canada’s “Pete Standing Alone” (the quintessential BoC song of its era) and The Postal Service’s “Natural Anthem” (the only song of theirs I can stomach now), yet more than stands on its own.

Bibio-BonesAndSkullsThat said, I was somewhat ambivalent about buying The Apple and the Tooth. I usually pass on things that are mostly remixes, and with only four new Bibio songs I thought my $9.99 might be better spent elsewhere. But in the end I bought it and the new Warp20 (Unheard) release at the same time. One week later and I still can’t get enough of “Bones and Skulls.”

There’s a then and now in this song. It feels like an old friend on first listen, and yet it just as easily comes across as a fresh memory found in the not so distant past. It builds beautifully, flows effortlessly, and ends ever so delicately. And it’s even better now that I finally figured out the lyrics:

shortened stones
and weathered broken glass
i’ll never trace their path
the reason for their form

it’s like the hairless brush
or the broken little things
in the kitchen drawer
full of forgotten memories
that are gonna be gone
like the people who made them
and the people who broke them
and the people who found them

and the people who put them in drawers
or the children who let them out
with the pottery
and the bones and skulls of birds

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I always listen to my Songs of the Day on repeat while I write these posts, and even after ten or so listens I never fail to lose myself in this song. That is perhaps the highest compliment I can pay, to know what’s coming next, to expect and anticipate it, and still be every bit as surprised by it time and time again. And now I am even more disappointed that I missed out on the limited edition vinyl.

Bravo, Bibio, bravo. I will never doubt you again.

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