Sam O’Hare’s “The Sandlot” is an absolute masterpiece. It certainly helps that its subjects are the buildings, people, and public spaces of Manhattan and Brooklyn, but it’s the impeccable composition and delicate pace with which they are handled that really shines.

It’s comprised of more than 35,000 still photographs shot over five days and two nights in August of 2009, a herculean effort in and of itself. Each image was manually tilt-shifted and then assembled in time-lapse. What you see here is New York in miniature, yet vivid motion. It’s more humane, more comprehensible, and more attainable, all things not often said about it.

While you can watch it here, it’s worth clicking over to Vimeo to watch “The Sandlot” in full-screen high-def.

As for the music by Human, owners of what looks to be a website designed and developed in the late ’90s (no, that’s not a compliment), Sam says:

I wanted the track to speak to what it is like to experience the many rhythms, pulses and moods of the city and the composition, especially the peak, does this beautifully. The vocals add narrative and pacing to the piece, and really help draw you through it.

Yes, and how. This track, untitled and completely unavailable as best I can tell, would fit perfectly in the Morr Music catalog, slotted between Styrofoam and The Go Find. The male vocals are gentle but spirited, calm but not sedate, and the female vocals remind me of Kirsty Hawkshaw’s work on Opus III’s “It’s a Fine Day,” perhaps best known as the sample in Orbital’s epic “Halcyon and on and on.” High praise indeed.

The lyrics are stunning, especially the last line and inspiration for the title of this post:

Here we go
Start over
Motion fills the air

C’mon c’mon
C’mon c’mon
C’mon c’mon now

And we know
The fragments
Revealing all the patterns

C’mon c’mon
C’mon c’mon
C’mon c’mon now

And we are
The story
Turn the page
And see what happens next

Here we go
Here we go
Here we go

We walk outside
All afternoon
All afternoon
All afternoon

All afternoon

Over and over
All afternoon

Rivers of light
Flowing home again
A flicker and its gone

As much as I love music, I often find that the video gets in the way. I can think of only a handful of that serve as more than just a compliment, they provide a means to access the music in a totally new way, something like The Books “Smells Like Content” (like tiny fragments of a finger snap). I will always love this quick “Glowing Cities Under a Nighttime Sky” clip, but the music is secondary. The only one that really comes close is this gem by Andrew Paynter for Tortoise:

That’s the San Francisco I know and love, so cool and crisp, but it pales in comparison to the warmth and glow of Sam’s New York. Makes me wonder why I’m still here and not there.

And it was absolutely amazing. Watch for video in the morning, until then here’s the pics:

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

UPDATE: Finally uploaded two videos.

The day was winding down and the fog was rolling in, but there was still plenty to see on our flight back to San Francisco. Here are just a few of the best pictures taken from the window of the airplane…

Almost over the Pacific Ocean

High above Mt. Tam, nearing the Pacific Ocean. San Francisco, as usual, is covered in fog. Everything else is untouched.

Golden Gate nearly covered in fog

The Golden Gate Bridge takes my breath away every time I see it, no matter the angle.

Fog only at the Golden Gate

The entrance to San Francisco Bay at the Golden Gate is a magnet for fog.

One last peek at the Golden Gate

Truly iconic. An amazing feat of creativity and engineering.

Look at the shadow on the bay from the Bay Bridge

That’s our neighborhood, SOMA, seldom covered in fog, and often the warmest part of town. And how cool is the curvature on the shadow of the Bay Bridge?!!

There’s 23 more pictures on flickr, including Lake Tahoe, Napa, Oakland, and San Francisco. I had so much fun on the last part of this flight, it was almost enough to wipe away the memory of a six hour delay at O’Hare and the realization that our two week vacation had finally come to an end…

More soon.

While Abby is warm in the LA sun, or would be if she weren’t locked inside for marathon meetings, I am freezing in San Francisco. For the first time in many months, I even left our apartment with a jacket and an umbrella. Of course, it turned out to be a beautiful day, unlike the previous two this week, and the evening even had something I haven’t seen in quite some time, clouds.

Clouds? Not for long

Soon to be fog

As night falls, fog dissipates

I can’t believe how well that last shot turned out. It even feels cold, with the icy whites and turquoise blues. I took about ten of them too, each of which was poorly lit in every way and far too fuzzy to use. This one somehow came out just about right.

That’s it for me tonight. Much more soon.

Look at this scene:


They were out there three (!!!) hours before the Home Run Derby:


That’s Barry taking batting practice on the big screen, as seen from the Third St bridge over McCovey Cove:

From the Third St bridge over McCovey Cove

The scene outside AT&T Park on King Street:

The scene outside AT&T Park on King Street

It was such a beautiful day today. When the sun is shining bright there is no place I’d rather be than San Francisco. The park was hopping too, more than three hours before the Derby started. And of course tickets were going for $200 bucks a pop, just to watch batting practice…

Autumn Sunset in San Francisco
The sun sets behind Mt. Sutro and the rest of San Francisco on Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It isn’t often that I see the sun set in San Francisco. For one, the fog is almost always thick well before the day is done, leaving most evenings to end in a dull wash of progressively darker grays. It bothered me in the beginning, much like winter in the midwest always wore me down, especially at the end of March, with spring so near and yet still so far away…

But it’s nights like these—summer in San Francisco—when the inland air is warm enough to keep the fog at bay, that erase those thoughts and emotions from my body and soul. When the sun shines in San Francisco, the city takes on a completely different air. It’s lighter, more buoyant, less restrictive (or maybe that’s just me). But coupled with the cool ocean breeze, there’s no place I’d rather be.

When I finally started working in at Integrate in 1999 (after years of working almost every night in one restaurant or another), I remember well how startled I was at the beauty of the setting sun. I also remember thinking it strange that I forget something so fundamentally magical, and also completely banal (I mean, the sun sets every night, whether I’m there to see it or not). But it really does take my breath away to catch that instance when the day slips into night…

I feel like I too am at a similar point of inflection. Where once my life was a struggle to keep pace, things seem to be slowing down again. Perhaps I’m mastering my new world. Or perhaps I’m learning to relax and enjoy the ride again. Either way, it feels good to be warm again. I’ve missed this feeling.